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Services and Conditions

What we do? Who we service?

*Mobile Phlebotomy Services (home, office)

*Health Wellness Screenings

*Health Fairs

*College students

*Collection, Process & transportation of blood specimen or other specimens

*Quality delivery of specimens to the laboratory of your choice (must specify before appointment to ensure proper delivery to proper lab)

*Special lab kits

*Nursing homes/group homes (if they are cash pay patients- can be reimbursed by their insurance)


*Private patients

*Physician offices (for their cash pay patients)

* Drug screens- partnership with FormFox, Labcorp, Quest, FSS, CRL

Ready to order? Here is what we need:

1. Physician's order: This could be a digital laboratory requisition, physician's office printout, or even a doctor's written prescription. It must contain the laboratory tests that will be drawn, the associated diagnosis codes, physician's name, address, phone, fax, physician's NPI number, and the requested laboratory account information for processing (if applicable) Laboratory WILL NOT process tests or release results unless there is a physician associated with the order**

2. Patient Demographics: ​Also called a "face sheet", this included patient full name, date of birth, service address, contact information, or caregiver/service coordinator contact information. Sometimes this will also include insurance information.

How do you send the ordering information?

You can Fax documents to: 832-201-7383

You can also email documents/orders to:


Lab requisitions need to be brought in with you upon arrive for your appointment. In most cases, the requisition can be printed out by Elite Pro-Lab. Having all your documents (ID and lab requisition) helps us ensure we have proper equipment and prepare for your specimen collection. Also, follow your provider's instructions (fasting- nothing to eat or drink for 8-12 hours or drink plenty of water). As this helps the veins.

After the staff has arrived to perform the blood draw, your specimen will be delivered the to the designated laboratory for specimen processing. Each lab has their own turn around time on their specimens. So the turn around time for your results will vary.

Specimens are processed under the protocol of the laboratories policy. Results are sent directly to ordering provider not Elite Pro-Lab. Elite Pro-Lab WILL NOT get any results nor documentation that the order ready to view. The patient will have access to their results on their portal from UltaLabTests or Health Test Center.

No orders are scheduled or drawn without the physician order. This can be printed from the UltaLabTests or Health Test Center portal and sent directly to Elite Pro-Lab if you choose to have it sent. Please call Elite Pro-Lab to confirm we do have your requisition at least 24-48 hours before your appointment to ensure your appointment is ran smoothly.

**Prices will vary by your location and services that are needed or provided**

Your UltaLabTests or Health Test Center portal will need to be updated correctly( if any changes are made prior to testing appointment) to ensure the performing laboratory has your correct information such as demographics. We need this information to be correct so that the time to prepare for the lab work as well as the needed supplies to perform our services.

Elite Pro-Lab is responsible for the drawing and handling of laboratory specimens. Elite Pro-Lab does not collect any specimens without a physician order. So all patients must go onto the website

to schedule your appointment and choose your labs.

Elite Pro-Lab is not permitted to give any medical advice, treat, or diagnose anyone. Elite Pro-Lab also does special handling of kits and we will package all specimens for pick-up via courier at the clients home/office etc. Under NO circumstances will a client be given a sample to handle to deliver. After the collection Elite Pro-Lab is responsible to get the specimen to the appropriate lab. Elite Pro-Lab is not responsible for any delay of arrival to the laboratory, due to weather conditions or any other problems that may occur once the sample has been delivered or picked up by courier service. Laboratory where specimen is taking to is responsible for testing the specimen. We understand that if you need to be redrawn due to no fault of Elite Pro-Lab we will gladly recollect. Prices are subject from UltaLabTests and Health Test Center for recollection fees (if any).

Elite Pro-Lab is not responsible for any errors that may occur at the laboratory. Any errors in collection caused by Elite Pro-Lab will be corrected by re-drawing at no additional charge to the client. Elite Pro-Lab will not come a client home without a scheduled and confirmed date, time, complete paperwork, and payment done via UltaLabTests or Health Test Center portal. If we arrive at the appointment for the labs to be collected, blood drawn, pick-up, and are unable to collect specimen due to circumstances that are beyond our control (client refuses, is not available to be drawn, etc.) The patient is still responsible for the full charges of the services. If error is caused during collection by Elite Pro-Lab (drawing wrong tubes, unable to collect enough specimen because of blood flow, etc.) the client will not incur any charges and will be drawn at no additional fee to the client.

*Please give 24hr notice if unable to keep appointment

In the event Elite Pro-Lab needs to cancel due to weather or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control we will give notice so that you can reschedule your appointment. If this happens we will reschedule you as soon as possible. Please be understanding of these events that may keep Elite Pro-Lab from traveling to you (flood etc)

Cancellations can be done by phone or email.

Elite Pro-Lab is an independent phlebotomy/lab service. Elite Pro-Lab does not have any ties to any laboratories or doctor’s offices. Under no circumstance will Elite Pro-Lab share any client information personal or other to any non- authorized personnel. All client information is always kept confidential. We are fully HIPPA compliant and respect the privacy of the individuals we serve.

Any questions about billing of test should be directed to your insurance company or laboratory billing department or UltaLabTests and Health Test Center . Some laboratories have the right to refuse clients with outstanding balances. Elite Pro-Lab do not give discounts for lab test. You will have to contact UltaLabTests or Health Test Center for any discounts.

Clients with children:

We need your cooperation this usually goes well when the parent(s) do their part. It’s teamwork.

Communicate beforehand with your child, keep well hydrated unless specifically instructed by doctor not to. Reassure that the process will be quick. You can also use distractions and practice sitting still if appropriate. We will attempt to make sure we get specimen on the first- time, However, this may sometimes not be the case and it may take up to 3 times, please be understanding. This is normal at times when dealing with smaller veins. We understand that this can cause great stress for you and your child but please understand how stressful it can be to the phlebotomist if we don’t have your cooperation/understanding.

Safety is our number one concern. Please let us know ahead of time if child becomes easily aggressive, or is difficult to collect a sample on, if it takes more than one person to hold, this is very important as we can make arrangements to have a successful and safe blood draw.

Toxicology Testing Services

* US Department of Health and Human Services' Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

* Federal and State Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

* Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)

*NDASA ( National Drug & Alcohol Screening Association ) member

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